Why A Cavapoo?

Why a Cavapoo? Well, I can share what the “why” was for us.

We wanted a small-ish dog, a hypoallergenic dog, and a dog that was playful but also cuddly. In all my research, I kept coming back to the Cavapoo. The Cavalier brings the devotion and snuggles and the Poodle brings the smarts. In fact, the Cavalier temperament is like none other.

We also liked the size. They were big enough to be a “dog” but small enough that they didn’t take up a big footprint in the home.

And, once we brought our first one home, we were HOOKED!

The pups we produce are typically between 12 and 20 pounds. In fact, even within the same litter, you can have a wide spread like that! When you marry two different breeds you can get a wide variety within a litter.

F1 pups typically have a soft wavy coat, with minimal shedding.

F1b pups can be curlier, but not always. They tend to be non shedding. Families with moderate to severe allergies tend to lean toward an F1b just to make sure they don’t have any allergy issues.

Introducing: “Cuddle Cavapoos"
I would often hear how wives would want a Cavapoo for their temperament, but the husband wanted a larger dog, similar to a golden doodle. That eventually brought us to “Cuddle Cavapoos”. A breeder friend in Kansas was breeding small Standard Poodles to Cavaliers producing Cuddle Cavapoos. They would be larger, 20 to 50 pounds, depending on parents. It's all the amazing qualities in a larger package.

So we added a few moms to our program to produce Cuddles. We have had a great response.

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