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Here are some common questions we receive.  

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  • Do you raise the pups in your home?
    YES! If you visit our Facebook page you will plainly see where and how we do that. We post numerous times throughout the day.
  • What is the difference between F1's and F1b’s?
    F1’s are a first generation cross between a Cavalier King Charles and a Poodle. An F1b is a Cavapoo(F1) crossed with a Poodle. The F1b’s “can” be curlier, but not all are. We breed both.
  • Are Cavapoos hypoallergenic? 
    Yes and no. No dog is ever considered completely hypoallergenic. For example, you can be allergic to the saliva of a dog. However, their coat does not seem to create allergy issues. Those with moderate to severe allergies in their home tend to lean toward an F1b to help ensure no reaction. In all of our years of breeding, we have never had a report of people having an allergic reaction to one of our puppies.
  • Do you vaccinate the pups?
    Yes, our reproduction vet does. All pups will see the vet at 7 weeks of age and receive their first set of puppy shots. You will take your puppy to your vet 4 weeks after that to receive the 2nd set of shots. I recommend that you go back to your vet 2 weeks later to run a titer for immunity. Most puppies will not need another set of shots. Avoiding additional vaccinations that are not needed is always better for the health and wellness of your puppy. All puppies get their own physical form from my vet.
  • Can we come and meet you and your puppies before we place our deposit?
    Unfortunately, no, this is not something we offer. We do all of this IN OUR HOME and have to create a line for some level of normalcy. This is why we post so often, so you still can see what we are doing. It is also not safe for young puppies to be exposed to so many people too young. We DO offer visitations for those families already matched with their puppy when they are old enough.
  • What sizes are your pups full grown?
    That is quite a range. Typically our pups can range from 10-20lbs. It depends on the parents and there are even differences within litters. We do our best to guesstimate size once the pups are here. We weigh them regularly to see how they are tracking. But we will never guarantee a size. No breeder should.
  • Do you health test your parent dogs?
    Yes. We DNA disease panel test and OFA heart and patellas. We have physicals done prior to each breeding.
  • Do all the dogs live in your home?
    Yes and no. We currently have 5 dogs living in our home. We have other parent dogs in guardian homes. The advantage of this is that all of our breeding dogs are pets first.
  • What is a guardian home?
    It is a home within 30 minutes of ours that want a dog to love. We maintain breeding rights and the moms come here to whelp and raise the puppies. Those families become part of ours. The biggest thing for us is that our dogs live amazing lives. They are loved and spoiled always. They regularly socialize with our pack so they love coming here to play.

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