We have well over 200 reviews posted on our Facebook reviews page, which we encourage you to check out.  They speak for themselves.

Additionally, here are a few samples: 

Amy San Felipe

We recently got a cavapoo from Cavapoo Kennels, and I cannot say enough good things about Lisa, the process, and our new puppy. Throughout the entire process, Lisa has been informative and very responsive, addressing all of my many questions, providing a wealth of knowledge, and keeping me updated on the upcoming litters. When we picked up our puppy from Lisa’s house, it was clear that all of her dogs are loved and extremely well cared for. We had a 7 hour drive home from Lisa’s, and our new puppy, Lucy, slept the whole way home. Lucy has been the most amazing puppy - she’s very playful, sweet, smart (already learning how to sit after just 3 days!), healthy, and was sleeping almost entirely through the night in the first weekend we brought her home. Additionally, because Lisa has such a strong community on Facebook, we are not only able to set up play-dates with her nearby litter mates but we also have a lifelong set of resources if we ever have any questions or concerns as Lucy continues to grow.

If you're looking for a happy, healthy, well-adjusted dog, Cavapoo Kennels is the place to look. Lisa is a 5-star breeder whom I strongly recommend, and when we are ready for our next puppy, we will be getting back on her wait list. We love our Lucy so much - thank you, Lisa!

Amy Marie

I had various questions as a first time pup searcher and Lisa was extremely helpful -when she didn’t have to be. She answered all my questions immediately, listened to my concerns about another breeder (which we believe may have been a scam!), gave me advice of what to look for in the future, and offered to place us on her wait list as well as contact to other reputable breeders. She is highly intelligent in her field, clearly cares for her pups and I definitely recommend Cavapoos of WNY. Thank you for your time.

Joseph-Susan Casey

Millie(Dewdrop) is a great puppy. She has no accidents, no barking or begging. Millie sleeps through the night in her crate with no complaining. She is very playful puppy who loves going for walks. We consider ourselves lucky to have Millie in our family and even more lucky to have found her Breeder Lisa who implemented this structured program that we stuck with. Highly recommend Lisa and her puppies. Such love, care and attention given to these precious puppies from the very beginning.

Laureen Vermillion

I would highly recommend Cavapoo Kennels to anyone looking for a Cavapoo puppy. I waited a full year so I could get the puppy I wanted and I wouldn't change a thing. Lisa was terrific throughout the process, including after my puppy came home. My puppy slept through the night from the start due to Lisa starting crate training before she got home. Likewise, potty training has been made easier by Lisa teaching them before they head home. I feel like a part of a community as a Cavapoo Kennels pup parent and I couldn't be happier!

Jannah Swink

Lisa is extremely personable, knowledgeable, and best of all caring to her dogs and puppies. She and her family take wonderful care of the pups in their home, provide medical care, and love from day one. She was hands-on with the puppy selection process and followed up with us to make sure the transition to home went well. She can help set expectations for things like temperament and coat texture even when the pups are still young. Our family adores our Cavapoo Scout. He has a loose wavy coat (does not shed) and is spirited, but sweet with our young children. We found that neutering helped a lot with calming his personality and making him more patient when playing with young kids. We highly recommend working with them.

Brian Wright

The best dogs come from breeders who put significant time and love into raising and training their litters. The best breeders are ethical, thoughtful about their role, and passionate about the betterment of their breed. Cavapoo Kennels and Lisa are the cream of the crop, putting enormous time, effort, and care into breeding, training, and raising their furry friends. We love them and you will too.

Again, for my more reviews of Cavapoo Kennels, please visit our Facebook reviews page, where there are more than 200.  

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